Hilton Niseko Village | Hokkaido JAPAN

8 - 13 January 2023

Past Keynote

Professor Patrick McGorry AO (Aust) | Professor John Kane (USA) 


Professor Ian Hickie AM (Aust) | Eric Chen (Hong Kong)

Professor Timothy Carey (Aust) | Sung Wan Kim (South Korea)

Professor Deborah Rickwood (Aust) | Professor Masafumi Mizuno (Japan)

Professor Paul Amminger (Aust) | Professor Kuan-Pin Su (Taiwan)  

Professor Young Chul Chung (Korea) | Professor Max Birchwood (UK)

Professor Andrew Thompson (UK) | Professor Philippe Conus (Switzerland)

Ass Professor Anthony Joseph (Aust) | Professor Akira Sawa (Japan) 

Ass Professor Sally McCarthy (Aust) | Professor Takahiro Nemoto (Japan)

-Dr Cherry Hui-Chih Chang (Taiwan) Dr Nao Katagiri (Japan)

Dr Antony Henderson (Aust) | Dr Takashi Uchino (Japan)

Ms Lee Valentine (Aust) | Ms Rosie Forster (Aust) | Ms Ashley Garrett (USA) 

Ms Jill Davidson (Aust) | Mindi Amberson (USA) | Ms Leah Simmons (USA)


Some words from

Professor Patrick McGorry AO

about the conference that went into hibernation in 2006 and awoke in 2017

Many clinicians and researchers will recall with nostalgia the highly generative and enjoyable winter workshops which were held in Switzerland for 20 years up until 2006, when it went into hibernation.  

This unique forum began with a small but elite group, and blended cutting-edge research and the latest knowledge with the amazing mental health promoting effects of winter sports.  The result has been knowledge translation, countless enduring collaborations and deep friendships, many of which continue to this day.


In 2017, with the help of AMPED Medical Conferences, this meeting was revived. Although the venue has been moved from Switzerland to the wonderful island of Hokkaido in Japan, nothing has changed. We now want to offer this experience to a whole new generation of clinicians, researchers and from across the  whole spectrum of mental health, and with the additional magnetic pull of some of the best powder snow we have ever seen!  

This magic blend of science, snow and sushi will revive the spirits and the creative powers of our field, and will catalyse much needed progress in the understanding and treatment of these complex illnesses.  This is a conference for the mind, body and soul and is definitely one you need to attend!